Status of VA application

       In 1970 the public had not heard of, or did not know anything about Agent Orange.
    That same year Randall was granted 10% disability for malaria. The VA found, but did
    not tell him he had all the scares in his lungs, nor was it considered in their rating
       In 1997 a letter was sent to the Veterans Administration office in Little Rock, Arkansas,
    for a copy of Randall’s Marine Corps and Army National Guard military records. Since he
    had been granted disability for one year in 1970, they should have his records. The VA
    said that was not part of their system of records. The National Personnel Records
    Center, had these records, and to get the records from them.  The National Personnel
    Records Center said they showed the VA had these records.
       In 2003 Randall’s VA records from the Marine Corps was traced to the same location
    that the letter of 1997 was sent. These records had been there since 1970. His Army
    National Guard records was still missing.  
       Also in 2003 Randall had sent a letter to several state and government officials
    including the VA, about his sons condition, asking for help in the form of job training.
       A Veterans Administration representative called Randall and told him to write down
    everything that happened to him while in the  Marine Corps and Army National Guard. He
    said since you have a son that was born with birth defects then we will do something.
       In 1975, Randall went to the VA hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, because of bad
    headaches he has had ever since he came back from Vietnam. He also had requested a
    copy of these records. As of January 1, 2005 Randall has not been able to find or get a
    copy of the records. Was these records lost also?
       In 2003 and 2004 Randall requested again, for a copy of his Army National Guard
    records. In 2004 he went to Congressman Marion Barry’s office to see if they could help
    find his records.  
       In January 2005 a copy of Randall’s Army National Guard medicals records was sent
    to him by Congressman Marion Berry. Randall discovered that approximately 25% of his
    medical records were missing. Any record of an injury or any record that would be
    needed to file a claim was gone, like the files had been purged.  
       How can the Army National Guard loose military records? Don’t they have a log and
    keep records of when and where they move personal records? A solders medical record
    folder, contains all the records of any medical or dental conditions for that individuals, just
    like a regular doctor.  
       The injuries and accidents that Randall had while in the Arkansas Army National
    Guard was in his record when he retired. Those are government records and are not to
    be tampered with. If part of the records were found then all of them should have been
    found. They were all together. How come all the records of an accident or an injury were
    missing. If some of the records was found then someone had to remove all the rest.
    Who removed part of his records?
       How come they can find all of George W. Bush’s National Guard records from 35
    years ago, including pay records. And they can’t find Randall’s  records of an accident or
    injury from 7 years ago.
       In a letter from the VA dated Feb 14, 2005, they denied any help for Randall and his
    son. The letter stated (referring to the injuries and accidents which happened while he
    was in the Army National Guard) evidence dose not show that the accident or injury ever
       Even though he had signed statements from individuals stating what happened. Just
    about all the men in his military unit and the Battalion staff can verify the injuries took
    place. (It is not known if anyone was contacted for verification.) According to the VA
    letter, if it wasn’t in Randall’s records -the ones that was lost- then it didn’t happen.
       In the letter from the VA dated Feb 14, 2005, they also stated they contacted Dr
    Schrantz a private doctor, to get any records he had on Randall and his son. They stated
    no information was received from him.
       On December 7, 2004 Dr Schrantz sent a letter to the VA and Randall also sent a copy
    of the letters. In the letters Dr schrantz stated that the records were no longer available,
    but he had examined Randall and found he had a nerve problem, which was called
    Peripheral Neuritis.
    (Peripheral Neuritis also known as Peripheral Neuropathy has been linked
    to Agent Orange and has been adopted as a standard symptom of PCB poisoning.)
       Also in the letter of Feb 14, the VA stated they denied service connected for
    headaches and other symptoms due to exposure to environmental hazards. (Headaches
    is one of the first signs of too much toxicants in the body.) They said that Randall’s
    records fails to show that these disabilities began while he was in Vietnam.
       His Marine Corps medical records from 1st Hospital Company 1st Marine Division in
    DaNang, Vietnam, plainly state that he had a headache plus other symptoms when he
    was admitted to the hospital. It also shows that it was forty seven days later before he
    stopped complaining about headaches.
       There was other letters in Randall’s files from Dr Crow and Dr Baker that state
    headaches. That was the reason he went to the VA hospital in Memphis. He was wanting
    to know how to stop them. (These records were also missing.)
       The Marine Corps Medical records also state the following symptoms,  Headaches,
    Malaise, Fatigue, Dizziness, Fever, Rash, Epigastric distress, Weakness, Nervous,
    Anemia and Nausea, he also had Chills, Vomiting, Diarrhea and Weight loss.
       The scars in Randall’s lungs according to the letter was not a problem. The scares in
    his lungs, replaced or destroyed vial air sacks that will never be restored. This is not a
    matter of cosmetics, it is a matter of less air sack capacity. Which will probley cause more
    problems as he gets older.
       Randall went to the local VA office and asked for an evaluation. The administrator filled
    out paperwork and said they would get in contact with him. Randall hadn’t head anything
    in a while and on March 10, 2005 he went to the local VA clinic on his own, to see if they
    would help him. The receptionist looked in her computer and could not find any request
    for an evaluation. She told him he would have to go back to the VA and request it again.
       Randall has more problems, other then Peripheral Neuritis. He also has more then 130
    pages of letters and files on him and his son, that he has sent to the VA. A reasonable
    person would conclude, after reading the information, Randall and his son is a victim of
    Agent Orange.
      This writers conclusion is after reading the book and the more then 130 pages of letters
    and files, plus what is already known about Agent Orange. Leads me to believe someone
    is trying to hide, or cover up, or deny the Vietnam Veterans, care or compensation for
    their health problems.  
       What happened to the letters from Dr Schrantz, were they ever read? How could
    someone read a hospital summary and miss the very first symptom on the list? What
    about the VA representative that said since Randall had a son that was born with birth
    defects they would do something. What did he mean?  Why is it every time Randall tries
    to get records or an evaluation, something always comes up missing?
       The bottom line is the Vietnam Veterans was called baby killers among other things,
    and their own government, that sent them to fight, crapped on them when they came
       These same solders, that did their duty, and fought for their country, is still being
    crapped on today.  

    When will it End?