This is a partial list of the members of Huskie Platoon
From March 1969 to March 1970   
This list was compiled from memory, from some of the Platoon members,
and may not contain the full names or all the members of Huskie Platoon.

Master Gunnery Sgt. Surpa
Tommy (Thomas Leopold III) Busch         KIA on    21 Aug 1969       
Louis Basil Albert   Jr.                                   KIA on      8  Oct  1969        Information
Micheal Wyane Hopkins                               KIA on     24 Feb 1970        Information

Randall Mobley        (Gunny)
Joe Harris
Mike Firth
Mike Life
Mike Alford
Mike (Partick) Hays   (Limey)
Frank Day
Charles Wiggington (Barnyard)
John Kirkland
Bill Haney
Sergeant Burshell
John Gonzoles         (Speedy)
Lcpl. Bull
Cpl. Carr,
Sgt. Ramel,
S/Sgt. Fender
Robert L Kimble
Gary Hawker