Medical Records Search

    In 1997, Randall Mobley sent in a request for a copy of his Marine Corps and Army
    National Guard medical records.
       Donald D. Iddings, adjudication officer, Department of Veterans Affairs, Regional office
    North Little Rock, Arkansas, sent a letter in response to the request that Randall
    submitted for a copy of his military health records. Iddings stated that the information
    requested is not part of our system of records. He said to request these records from the
    National Personnel Records Center, St Louis, Missouri. The National Personnel Records
    Center said that the Department of Veterans Affairs in Little Rock had these records. In
    2003 the Marine Corps records were traced to the Department of Veterans Affairs,
    Regional office North Little Rock, Arkansas, they had been there since 1970.
       After spending thirty one days in the hospital in Vietnam he found only one page that
    covered his stay, and it was only a summary.  Where were the daily records that told of
    his condition each day? The records that told about him throwing up each time he took a
    drink of juice or water. The charts that showed his temperature and the cold showers or
    ice water and alcohol they washed his body with. Where were the records of the blood
    they took each day?
       As of January 1, 2005 Randall has not been able to find or get a copy of the records
    when he was in the VA hospital in Memphis, TN. Randall found a sheet in the VA records
    he received is 2003, that showed the discharge date from the VA hospital. In December
    2005, just before Christmas, the VA sent a letter stating that a search of the hospital
    records showed no evidence he was ever in the hospital.   
       In January 2005 a copy of Randall’s Army National Guard medicals records was sent to
    him by Congressman Marion Berry, who Randall had requested to help find his records,.
    These were records that Headquarters in Little Rock had found in there archives. When
    Randall examined the records he found that approximately 25% or more were missing.
    Any record of an injury or any record that would be needed to file a claim was gone, like
    the files had been purged.  
       As of January 2006 Randall’s Arkansas Army National Guard’s 201 file and 722 file
    (health record) were still missing. Major Long from the Office of the Adjutant General,
    Camp Robinson, AR 72199-9600, sent Randall a letter showing his records was
    forwarded to the National Personnel Records Center in St Louis, Mo, to room 4195.  
    The records center said they don’t have these records and they were not looking for
    them anymore.

    Was all this just a Coincidence?