Weapons that Huskie platoon carried on reactionary.

    1= M79 grenade launcher,  single shot, drake down to load shells.
        Had  HP (high explosive) fragmentary grenade rounds, shot gun
        shell rounds, illumination (flair) rounds and star cluster rounds.
        They made CS gas rounds but the platoon didn’t have any.
    1= M60 machine gun with extra barrel, they carried about a thousand rounds.
        They had 2 or 3 ammo cans full with the M60 while in position (fox hole).
         hooked up and ready to fire.
    1= B,A,R (browning automatic rifle) like an M14, shot shells similar to M60 machine gun.
    1= 12 Gauge pump shotgun.
    All the others had M16
       Each month they were issued a certain amount of grenades, pop flares, M79, M60, B,A,
    R, and shotgun shells. They tried not to use any of it unless needed. One time they used
    all their pop flares and had to wait until the beginning of the month to get more.
    They wore helmets, pistol belts without the suspenders because they were wearing a
    flack jacket, (Body armor) and gas mask.  Carried 2 to 4 grenade usually 2, there were
    slots in the camouflage helmet covers and would put the grenade handle in one of the
    slots or put it under the band that held the camo cover on.  Some said, “That if the
    grenade went off, then they wouldn’t suffer long”. There was some straps on the front of
    the flack jackets that grenades could be carried on.  Some times they would carry
    grenades in both places. Each man carried 1 or 2 banderols of  M16 shells each, 1
    banderol held 7 = 20 round magazines.  Sometimes they would put one magazine in their
    M16, then tape another to that one upside down, then all they had to do was to flip the
    magazine over. They also carried magazines in their ammo pouches.
      The Marine Corps uniform had on patches or name tags on them. The only thing they
    wore on their jungle fatigues was chevrons (indicating rank) on the shirt collars. They
    were black and could not be seen from a distance. The officers while out in the field would
    wear their rank on the hats to where it pointed down.  The Vietcong snipers would try to
    pick the leaders and shoot them. To the Vietcong the Marines all looked alike.
      The drivers would not sleep in the Huskies, they may sleep under them once in a while.
    The Huskie was a target out in the field and was the first thing the enemy would try to hit.
    If a mortar hit the Huskie it would kill anyone inside. The Huskie drivers usually carried
    small tarps for shelter. The infantry would have pup tents. When it rained they would get
    wet and sleep wet. A person in prison had more benefits then a Marine. By law the
    prisoner had to be housed and fed under certain conditions.  But the Marines housing
    was a fox hole, there food was in a box or can. Water was their drink and sometimes it
    came from a ditch. They took a bath when it rained, or wherever they could, they would
    use their helmet for water to wash up and shave in.  If they came to a creek they would
    throw a grenade in the water to kill anything in the water, then take a bath in the creek,
    while others stood guard.  They washed there clothes when and wherever they could, it
    could be weeks before they could wash.   
       There was heat tablets made to heat the c-rations with, which they very seldom had.
    The fumes off these tablets would burn the eyes of anyone close. While in the bush they
    had access to C-4 explosives. They would tear off a small piece and light it with a match,
    it burned very hot and didn’t give off fumes. The piece of C-4  would be left to burn up,
    they didn’t dare try and put it out. If stomped on while it was burning it would explode.

    Weapons that each of the Armor Plated Huskies could carry.

    These were keep in the armory until needed.
    1= Automatic Grenade launcher with 10 round magazine.
    2= M60 machine guns, one on each side.
    1= 50 Cal machine gun that set on a turret in the middle.
    Either a 60 or 81 MM mortar tube that fit in the back (bed).      

    Huskie Platoon had 41 cargo carriers plus 10 armored plated.