Some scientist believe herbicides including Dioxin, attacks the genetic system. The
    genetic code of the body is similar to a computer program. The body has lines of code
    that produce every minuet parts of the body, it governs and sustains the body from birth to
    death. If some of these codes are broken or damaged, then when the body grows a new
    cell to replace that one (duplicate) the broken code may be replaced by a random bit,
    because there is no pattern to go by. In this case it may take years for this defect to show
    up or take place in that individual, but would be present at birth in their children. (code
    transfer)  Some cells take seven years or more to reproduce. (duplicate)
         In a female she is born with all of her eggs, that are already coded in basic code. In
    genetic birth defects the basic code in the egg had to be messed up in the female at her
    birth, or induced by something else. If the code was messed up at her birth then there
    would be a pattern of the defect in prior generations. If the genetic fault  was induced then
    there would be no defects in prior generations.
         In males they are not born with all their sperm, it is manufactured as needed. The
    genetics of their sperm is made up or a duplicate of the individuals genetic system. If the
    male has a genetic fault then there is a good chance the genetic makeup of the sperm will
    contain the same fault. Environmental factors that cause genetic malfunctions are just as
    likely, or more likely, to be passed on by the male.  
         Some scientist suggested that chemical compounds may also cause birth defects. In
    females the compound some how has to penetrate her already coded eggs. Or the
    compound has to stay in her body and be transferred by fluids, as the infant grows. In
    males the sperm is manufactured and it can absorb certain types of compounds, the same
    kinds that herbicides are made from. This being the case then the male can, through his
    sperm, transfer these compound, directly into the egg.
         Nuclear waste is transported incognito. What if you went by a truck and was
    accidentally exposed to radiation without you knowing it? A few months or years later you
    went to the doctor, You were tired, lost your appetite, you had a headache and was
    throwing up. The doctor told you, you had a stomach virus. He gave you some antibiotics
    and you got better. (Was his diagnoses right?)  A few years later your hair slowly starts to
    thin, you are sick all the time and then you come down with cancer. The doctor says, you
    were sick all the time because you were coming down with cancer.” The doctor will never
    link these symptoms together. If the doctor knew ahead of time, the person was exposed
    to radiation, then his diagnoses and treatment would have been different.
         The same holes true with Herbicide exposure, all the symptoms of a person has to be
    considered. You can not take one peace of a puzzle and know what the picture looks like.
    But if you slowly link all the pieces together, then a picture starts to emerge.  
         Through research it has been found that several symptoms are associated with
    Dioxin, or that Dioxin causes the symptoms. And some of these symptoms may take years
    to manifest, as explained earlier. As with Radiation exposure, the initial symptoms, plus
    the symptoms over time, plus the diseases or ailments they have, can lead to a diagnoses
    of radiation exposure, years earlier. Even though they don’t know when, where, or how it
         All diseases and ailments that is associated with or caused by radiation exposure has
    to be considered caused by the initial exposure. The same holds true with Dioxin and
    herbicide exposure.