Vietnam War Casualties

    Official records are hard to find or nonexistent, and estimating the number killed
    in the conflict is extremely difficult. Many of those killed were literally blasted to
    pieces by bombs. It is difficult to say exactly what counts as a "Vietnam war
    casualty"; people are still being killed today by unexploded ordinance, particularly
    cluster bomb-lets. For many years the North Vietnamese suppressed the true
    number of their casualties for propaganda purposes. Environmental effects from
    chemical agents and the colossal social problems, caused by a devastated
    country with so many dead, surely caused many more lives to be shortened.

    The lowest casualty estimates, based on the now-renounced North Vietnamese
    statements, are around 1.5 million Vietnamese killed. Vietnam released figures on
    April 3, 1995 that a total of one million Vietnamese combatants and four million
    civilians were killed in the war. The accuracy of these figures has generally not
    been challenged. 58,226 American soldiers also died in the war or are missing in
    action. Australia lost almost 500 of the 47,000 troops they had deployed to
    Vietnam and New Zealand lost 38 soldiers.