Birth Defects

These two Sheets plus others the VA said was
not enough to establish Blake as a disabled
dependent child.

Blake was born with several birth defects, some
of which took several years to develop, or be
diagnosed. He first had double clubfeet and Bell’
s palsy. There wasn’t anything they could do for
the bells palsy, but was treated with serial
castings, corrective shoes with bar at night, heal
cord release surgery, and twister cables in
school, for the club feet.
He was sick a lot while growing up; he was small
and under weight in 5% range. Dr. Vern Ann
Shotts said he was Developmentally Delayed.
He was seen at the Jonesboro Clinic, of
Arkansas Children’s Hospital for atrial septal
defect. Blake saw Dr. Michael Prince for
Attention Deficit Disorder and was started on
Ritalin therapy, and speech and language
therapy. He was also diagnosed at age eight by
Dr Michael Prince as having a very severe
learning problem. Dr Suzanne Gibbard has
recently diagnosed Blake as having mild mental
retardation. Jon D. Collier did the radiology
report for Scoliosis; he said there was a
developmental variant of first sacral segment.
Dr. James Batey, of Campbell’s clinic, said he
has a very unusual location for his curve and an
appearance that makes me concerned whether
or not he may have some occult neurological
problem and possibility related to his spinal cord
Blake also has impaired glucose tolerance,
hypoglycemic, when he eats his blood sugar
level will reach near 300 then his body will kick in
and produce too much insulin causing his blood
sugar level to go too low. Blake has had multiple
episodes and has passed out several times due
to his blood sugar level getting too low. The only
way to control his blood sugar level is by diet,
eating at regularly scheduled intervals, with rest
and sleep at regularly scheduled times. With his
learning disorder it is very difficult for him to
comprehend what he needs to do, which makes
his medical problems much more serious.
This type of condition will turn into diabetes.    
Blake complains of back pain, this is due to the
deformity and curvature of his spine, which is a
result of his spinal cord development problem.