Huskie Platoon Vietnam
                                        Birth Defects

    This book is dedicated to all the other casualty of the Vietnam war. The kids
    that were born to the veterans that was exposed to Agent orange. These
    kids will suffer all their lives because if it, and the federal government has
    abandoned them, most have no insurance, they can’t get a decent job equal
    to a normal person. They have been forgotten an tossed over to the side.  
    The main person in this book, has a son who is one of these Victims.   
    He was born with sever double club feet and Bell’s Palsy. The first two
    years of his life he had to wear cast on both feet, and he had to wear
    braces on his feet at night. He had to have a heal cord release surgery. In
    school he had to wear twister cables to keep his feet straight. He was
    diagnosed with atrial septal defect, and was also diagnosed as
    Developmentally Delayed.
    He was sick a lot while growing up, and was small and under weight, he
    weighted less than 5th percentile for age. Through testing the school did
    and the doctors they said he had Attention Deficit Disorder. Also through
    testing in school they found out that he had scoliosis which has gotten
    worse. Radiology report,  for Scoliosis, showed developmental variant of
    first sacral segment with Lumbaralization.  
    Campbell’s clinic, report indicated Cervicothoracic Scoliosis. They said he
    has a very unusual location for his curve an a appearance that makes them
    concerned whether or not he may have some occult neurological problem,
    possibility related to his spinal cord development.
    Spinal Cord Development is a form of  Spinal Bifida.