About the Author

       Randall Mobley was born in the northeast corner of the state of Arkansas. He
    spent some of his young childhood in the state of Arizona. There he gained the
    nickname, “hoppergrass”, after mistakenly referring to a grass hopper as a
    hoppergrass. He returned to Arkansas in 1955, and attended Lafe high school.
    He spent most of his school days in Lafe, but moved to Oak Grove in his junior
    year, where he graduated in 1967.
        After Graduation he was drafted into the United States Marine Corps. After
    spending two years in the Marine Corps, he returned to Oak Grove, where he
    married Rita Garner. He had one son, Blake, who had problems from the very
    start. Randall did everything he could for Blake. He took him to the best doctors
    he could find. He was desperate to find out what had gone wrong, but it wasn’t
    until the mid nineties that he began to suspect Blake’s problems were the result
    of his service in Vietnam.
         Now it has become clear as to what really did happen. All Randall wanted
    was for his son to be normal like other kids. He has asked, only for help for his
    son, in the form of job training, but even that has been turned down by the
    government; the same government that asked him to fight and posibility die for his
    country. He spent twenty-one years in the Arkansas Army National Guard just to
    help with the bills. He has paid for all Blake’s treatments and has not asked
    anything of the government. Is job training for his son too much to ask for?

    This is his story.