Huskie Platoon Vietnam
                   Agent Orange

    From 1962 to 1971 the United States Air Force sprayed more than 12         
    million gallons of Agent Orange over Vietnam in order to defoliate the          
    jungle. Agent Orange is a herbicide that contains dioxin, a highly toxic         
    compound. The effect of Agent Orange, and other herbicides, on human     
    health and on Vietnam veterans remains a source of great controversy.
    Deadly illnesses associated to Agent Orange was not acknowledged by      
    the Pentagon until years after Vietnam veterans were exposed to the          
    dangerous herbicide. Laboratory studies performed in 1969 found that        
    birth defects was linked to Agent Orange exposure, however the use of       
    the herbicide was not discontinued until two years later, exposing 2.4          
    million Vietnam veterans to it, in addition to 5 million acres of forest with      
    the majority of them still unrestored to date.